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How a New Design Vibe Comes Alive

Ever wonder how new fashion designs end up on retail racks and storefront windows? It’s a process that takes months of planning and reworking to create attractive products with durability, fashion-forward design and high appeal each new season. Here’s a peek at what goes on behind the scenes!

Concepts: Putting a fresh face on fashion each season takes a solid design team working together to forecast trends, brainstorm concepts and then compile a series of mood boards that convey an inspired palette of colors and styles.

Design:  A handful of these ideas are chosen and move closer to physical form during design development. Computer design programs help designers meticulously develop every detail of the product from color and texture to material as well as size and fit. With these images in hand, the factories produce the first actual samples called “protos.”

Proto: Once the protos are ready, we cull through the design line to select the very best. Sometimes when a product comes to life, it isn’t quite as imagined. Proto samples allow us to go through a strict editing process. Only the top picks make the cut and will make it into the final collection.

Preview Market: This is when we get our first market feedback from our key customers. Approximately 8 weeks before the market opens our sales team along with management meets with our largest and most influential customers for feedback and insight. We take this information and make the necessary tweaks to refine the final collection for market.

Go To Market: This is where our sales team comes into play. They take the final collection and begin the selling season at trade shows and individual appointments across the country. Buyers from all over the world come to see the new products on display to place orders for the upcoming season. Orders get booked and only the BEST styles end up in stores in your neighborhood and around the world!






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